The Best Black Beef Soup in Surabaya

In East Java, there is a food named RAWON. It has black colored soup so that people outside Java will feel strange on this food.

A few days ago, I eat Rawon Pak Pangat, and in my opinion, it is the best Black Beef Soup in Surabaya.

My impression when I received the Rawon was surprised because the appearance was a little bit strange because they separate between the soup and the rice.

Rawon Pak Pangat

Normally, the appearance of the Rawon is like this

Normal Rawon

The difference of Rawon Pak Pangat with the others is the menu itself. The menus in Rawon Pak Pangat are

  1. Nasi Rawon Empal Suwir
  2. Nasi Rawon Campur
  3. Nasi Rawon Krengsengan

And the black soup will be served separately.

In my opinion, this rawon is better than Rawon Setan in the term of price and taste compared to Rawon Setan or Rawon Nguling. Rawon Nguling is very delicious, but, the price is very expensive

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