Injil Palsu #2 : Injil Maria

Diambil dari Injil Menurut Maria Halaman 1 – 6 hilang Bahasa Inggris An Eternal Perspective 7 “Then will [matter] be [destroyed], or not?” The Savior said, “Every nature, every form, every creature exists in and with each other, but they’ll dissolve again into their own roots, because the nature of matter dissolves into its … Read more

Injil Palsu #12 : Injil Barnabas

Dari Gospel of Barnabas Opening. True Gospel of Jesus, called Christ, a new prophet sent by God to the world: according to the description of Barnabas his apostle. Barnabas, apostle of Jesus the Nazarene, called Christ, to all them that dwell upon the earth desireth peace and consolation. Dearly beloved the great and wonderful … Read more

Kitab Kebijaksanaan Salomo

Dari Odes of Solomon TRANSLATION FROM THE SYRIAC BY SAMUEL ZINNERTRANSLATIONS FROM THE COPTIC AND GREEK BY MARK M. MATTISON Book I: Trees, Temple, and Truth FROM THE COPTIC Ode 1. For It Is Not Like a Dry Wreath 1 The Lord is upon my head like a wreath, and I will not be … Read more

Injil Palsu #9 : Injil Masa Kecil Yesus menurut Yakobus

Injil Apokrif ini seharusnya disebut Protoevangelium James, tapi Guillaume Postel ketika mencetak terjemahan Latin menyebut sebagai Protoevangelium Jacobi. Jadi, injil palsu ini bisa disebut sebagai : Injil Masa Kecil Yesus menurut James Injil Masa Kecil Yesus menurut Jacob Protoevangelium Jacobi Protoevangelium James Sejarah Scholars generally accept that the Gospel of James was originally composed in … Read more

Injil Palsu #6 : Injil Petrus

Dari Injil Palsu Petrus Gospel of Peter Pilate and Herod (1) But of the Jews no one washed the hands, neither Herod nor one of his judges, and when they didn’t want to wash Pilate stood up. (2) And then Herod the king, commanding the Lord to be brought, said to them, “Do whatever … Read more

Injil Palsu #5 : Injil Kebenaran

Dari Injil Palsu Kebenaran Gospel of Truth Prologue 16 The Gospel of Truth is a joy for those who’ve received grace from the Father of Truth, that they might know him through the power of the Word that came from the fullness – the one who’s in the thought and mind of the Father. … Read more

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