Vegetable Rice (Nasi Sayur)

In Surabaya, there is a food names Nasi Sayur (Vegetable Rice). You can not find this food outside Surabaya (CMIIW)

Nasi Sayur Pak Djo

There are 3 sects of vegetable rice in Surabaya.

  1. Sect in Jalan Belimbing (Ria)
  2. Sect in St. Louis
  3. Sect in Jalan Widodaren

However, currently, the sect in Jalan Widodaren has been disappeared. They are vanished. Disappear.

Sect in Jalan Belimbing (Ria)

I think this sect is the first sect in Vagetable Rice. In my memory, they have been selling Vegetable Rice before 1992. I do not know where did they start, but around 1992, I have bought Vegetable Rice there..

Currently, they have branch in G-Walk near BCA Bank, and they open in many shopping malls such as Galaxy Mall.

Sect of St Louis school

This sect was behind St Louis School in Jalan Majapahit. But, last year, they have moved to Jalan Tumapel due to policy of Surabaya Municipality.

This sect has a branch in G-Walk near Supermarket Pelangi.

Now, this sect is my favorite rather than Ria sect.

Sect of Jalan Widodaren

Around 1998, almost every 3 days, I bought vegetable in Siwalankerto. I asked the cook in the Siwalankerto, they learn cooking Vegetable Rice in Jalan Widodaren. But, the place in Widodaren has not been there anymore and I do not know where are they.

The vegetable rice in Siwalankerto has the chicken rice better than others place.

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