Public Transportation in Indonesia

Public Transportation in Indonesia has gone to the wrong path. For many decades, Indonesia governments has chosen the wrong way by building so many high ways. In Jakarta, government built inner city highways. As the result, nowadays, many cities in Indonesia face traffic jam because we manage the traffic wrongly.

Because the wrong path from the previous government, is is understandable that the people in Indonesia chose the private vehicles than the public transportation.

The reasons of choosing the private vehicles are :

  • Using public transportation is quite expensive. The reason if the high cost is public transport in Indonesia is not integrated. Thus, we must step over so many times. From our home until our destination, sometime, we need changing 3 / 4 times from becak, angkot, bus, TransJakarta and so on.
  • Using public transportation in Indonesia wastes our time. Every change of the transportation mode, we need waiting, and waiting. When the public transport comes but full, it means that we must wait again.
  • Using public transport is not comfortable. It is obvious that public transportation is not as comfortable as private vehicles (except taxi)

Currently, there is another type of public transportation which is based on the online such as Gojek, Grab, Maxim. However, we can not rely on such public transportation because it is not mass public transportation. We just delay the traffic jam problem until it is exploded someday.

As the solution, I think we should develop an integrated mass public transportation. I take Surabaya as the sample because I live in Surabaya

In my opinion, tram is the best for Surabaya because

  • It is cheaper in building the tram infrastructure than MRT or LRT
  • It is better than Bus Rapid System like in Jakarta of Bogota because it does not need special lines.
  • People have known that train can not stop quickly so that people know the risk when they enter the tram line. Thus we do not need giving special line because people have realized it.

The most important thing in Public Transport actually is not the public transport itself, but the feeder of the main public transport. It is useless building a luxury MRT if goes nowhere. Thus in my idea, we need providing the feeder for the tram. In my idea, we should use bicycle as the main feeder of the public transport. Thus, in my idea, There should be a company that rents bicycle for public. Users pay the deposit money and bring the bike home.

  1. The next day, people will ride the bike to the tram station and put the bike there.
  2. The user take the tram to the destination
  3. In the tram station in the destination, user take the bike to the office.
  4. User ride the bike to the destination

In the afternoon, when the users want to go home

  1. Ride the bike to the tram station
  2. Take the tram to the nearest station of the home
  3. Ride the bike to home

Thus the journey will be

Home – bike – tram – bike – office – bike – tram – bike – home

That is my small idea on public transport in Indonesia

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